Chastity boy in bondage edged by babe in boots (17 min)

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What would it be like to book a private session with me?

I have ordered you to tie yourself to the bed of your hotel room. You wear nothing but your chastity cage.

After you’ve been waiting for a while you hear the door open. The heels of my boots make sharp noises on the floor.

You’re nervous. You’re excited. You’re desperately horny.

What is it that I’ve got planned for you?

You’re pretty sure it’ll involve a lot of edging.

But dare you hope for an orgasm? Maybe a ruin?

You don’t know. You’ll just have to wait and see.

All those thoughts cross your mind while I drop my coat and cross the room to the bed.

You can feel my nails scraping over the soft skin of your thighs .

Now you’re in my hands.

1 review for Chastity boy in bondage edged by babe in boots (17 min)

  1. Dirk (verified owner)

    This is the new masterwork of Marie Kaefer, her chasity boy is waiting tied down for Marie in a hotel room and she enters the room with a coat and her sexy black boots, now she is totally in control and can edge him over and over with her skilled hands. Definitely one of her best clips ever and with a nice backstory 🙂

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