Facesitting orgasm (30 min)



After the last couple of rather rough tease and denial sessions, I need to feel the closeness and intimacy between my boy and me. I want to feel his body, his caresses, his touch, his lips on my pussy.

But of course I am still going to dominate him and enforce his chastity, even when it’s in my very soft and tender way.

I make him lay down on the bed naked, while I still wear some clothes. Then I tease his greedy cock and even edge him once, because he is never as eager to lick my pussy as when he is freshly denied.

When I sit on his face and pull my panties to the side, to grant his talented and well-trained tongue better access to my sweet spot, I also keep teasing his cock to motivate him to do his best work down there.

But then I just give in to the pleasure and enjoy the play of his tongue, while his cock lies in front of me, hard but untouched …

After cumming on his face I want to enjoy his cock a little more. So I apply cockrings to his cock, to make sure he doesn’t cum easily and start riding him. But although these cockrings usually prevent him from cumming without my permission, this time they aren’t enough.

As soon as I realize, he is about to cum, I slide off him, making his orgasm a perfect pussy ruin.

Afterwards It’s easy to bring myself to a second orgasm on his cock without any further incidents.

Length: 29:45 minutes