Chastity Vlog Day 027 – Bondage foot job (28min)



I haven’t given my boy a foot job in a long time although I know that headers my sexy feet.

Strict bondage is mandatory these days every time I take off his chastity cage. He assumes his position without complaint and I tie his hands and legs. He craves the intense pleasure he is about to receive, even though he knows he won’t feel the release he needs so badly and his frustration and horniness are likely to keep him up all night.

Once he’s released, I unlock his purple chastity cage and my cock is rock hard immediately.

I very slowly tease it with my fingers and bring it to painfully close edges several times.

Then it’s time for my feet to enter the scene and they continue where my hands left off. A little teasing and stroking with my beautiful oiled toes and his cum dribbles out of his cock and onto my feet in a perfect ruined orgasm.

Of course he’s locked up afterwards.