Chastity Vlog Day 030 – Cock bondage torture (23min)



This must be one of the most intense videos I have ever filmed!

I tie my boy down on the bed very strictly ! He’s stretched out and unable to close his legs.

He’s naked and fully exposed!

I’m wearing a sexy lingerie set and black high heels.

I climb onto the bed, sit down on his chest and start stroking his cock which gets hard almost instantly. I play with it until it’s hard as steel, then I pull a little red ribbon out of my panties and tie off his cock.

First around his cock and balls. Then around the base of his cock.

I pull it nice and tight.

Then two more times around his shaft before I end with a nice bowknot.

His cock and balls almost immediately start to turn dark read. His dick gets even bigger and harder than it was before.

The perfect time for some action! For me …

I move up, pull my panties aside and sit on his face. Eagerly he starts licking me.

Occasionally I put one finger on the sensitive spot on the underside of his cock. That’s enough motivation for him to lick me as if his life depended on it.

And so it doesn’t take me very long to cum on his face.

I move down, back onto his chest and pour oil over his cock. Then I start massaging him. He is already pretty worked up from the licking and his tied off cock is very sensitive to my touch.

This is so much fun!

But its about to get better!

I take a burning candle and without warning pour some hot wax on his stomach.

He moans in pain, but his cock stays rock hard. I continue to stroke it. Then I pour some more wax over his body. A few drops on his stomach, then a few more over his legs.

The mixture of pleasure and pain is driving him insane! And he begs to cum after little more than a minute of this game.

But I’m only getting started!

I allow him to cool off for a few seconds, then I continue.

My hand strokes his cock and the drops of hot wax continue to fall on his body. He loses control and I feel him bucking and shaking below me.

He begs to cum again only 30 seconds after the first time!

I put the candle away and laugh at his frustration.

I keep stroking his cock, which is almost purple by now! But a little slower, to allow him to cool down a little.

Then I remove the ribbon around his cock and balls.

I use two hands to torture him. One to stroke his sensitive cock, the other one runs fingernails over his balls.

I go really slow and make sure he’s riding the edge as long as possible.

I can feel his frustration and desperation building inside him.

He tells me repeatedly how desperately he needs to cum. But I just laugh at him. As if I didn’t know that!

My slow strokes make him go insane and all the muscles in his body are working heavily against his ties. When he asks for permission again, I tell him “Yes!”

With one final stroke I pull down his foreskin. A couple of seconds later, his cum dribbles down his shaft.

A perfect ruined orgasm!