French Maid Teasing (20 min)



I’m about to go out to a fetish party dressed as a smoking hot french maid.

But of course I don’t leave before I made sure my boy is horny and desperate while I’m out having fun.

I visit him in his room where he’s tied to the bed. Naked, except for his metal cock cage and mask. I show off my outfit to him and start teasing his body with my feather duster.

His desperate moans motivate me to really make him desperate.

So I sit on his chest and tease his caged cock.

Finally, I free his cock, which jumps to attention immediately.

I tease his cock and balls with my hands and the feather duster and slowly bring him to the first of many edges.

His moans and pleas fill the room.

Little does he know that this only increases my desire to be mean and merciless.

When I get bored with him I force his enormous cock back into its little steel prison.

No release for him. But I made sure he’ll be thinking about me all night long.

This is one of the hottest tease and denial videos I ever made.

Don’t miss it!

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