The Green Series – Episode 2 (15 min)



I was staying in this beautiful hotel room with my boy which was designed all in green.

So I decided to do a little mini series using my stunning green corset and – well – my boy.

In Episode 2 I make him stand in front of me naked (except for his cage) while I sit comfortably in a nice armchair.

I play a little with his caged cock and it’s straining hard to break out of its cage.

His balls are full and swollen.

When I unlock his cage and remove it, he is rock hard instantly.

I take my time playing with him. Mostly I only use my thumb on his most sensitive spot.

Sometimes I tug on his balls a little.

His moans show how desperate he is. And he reaches several edges in no time.

After one especially slow and cruel edge i decide it’s time to get him back into his cage.

I just push the cold metal over his raging erection, and very quickly tame this beast.

When I snap the lock shut, all his hopes for release are crushed.

Will he get a chance to cum in the next episode?


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