Rainbow Ruin 3 (14 min)



I wanted to rock this fabulous rainbow corset again!

My boy is tied spread-eagle and blindfolded. I tease his eager cock for a little while before I sit down on his face and enjoy his tongue in my pussy.

He is very eager to please, especially when I continue to tease his cock as encouragement.

Now it’s time to have some fun!

I start edging his cock. Every time he comes close to orgasm, I drip hot wax on his body. The mixture of pleasure and pain drives him crazy. It doesn’t take long until I ruin his first orgasm.

But that wasn’t enough to satisfy my sadism. He’s still rock hard and begging for my touch so I continue with the edges. And with the hot wax. I let him ride the edge between pleasure and pain for a bit before I allow him a second ruin.

But now it’s time for my pleasure again! You’ll see that in part 4. 😉


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