Reverse riding Ruin (12 min)



I love my victim helpless.

He’s so much easier to play with, exploit, use for my pleasure and to leave horny and frustrated.

Thats why I put my boy in strict bondage, unable to move or resist. All he can do is endure the waves of pleasure and frustration I make him feel. No chance for escape, no chance for release.

Dressed up in sexy lingerie I take a couple of seconds to make his desperate cock rock hard. Then I allow him to enter me and ride him to the brink of orgasm. I allow him to calm down inside me while I use the magic wand on my pussy. He can feel the vibrations and my orgasm building.

When I cum, my contractions send him to the edge again.

After I’m done using him for my pleasure, I want to play with him a little more.

I turn around to give him a view of my great ass. I ride him reverse cowgirl style and bring him to the edge several times. Finally I push him over the edge, but lift my pussy off of him, so his frustrated cock dribbles out its cum in a very frustrating ruined orgasm.

I let him kiss my pussy thank you for all the pleasure it’s bringing him before leaving him on the bed for later use.




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