The Black Series – Episode 3



Get ready for another appearance of the mean mistress Marie!

My boy is back in strict bondage and chastity (what else?)

First I torment his chest with my fingernails and some drops of hot wax.

Then I push my feet into his mouth. All the while his caged cock is trying to break out of it’s prison!

I sit down firmly on his face before I unlock him and allow an erection.

With my perfect ass on his face and my hand on his cock I make him go crazy with lust. But his first ruin brings no release.

When I continue edging him while I keep dripping more wax on his body, he whines like a .

His second orgasm is ruined double. I release his cock and pour wax over his chest. The pain pushing away any pleasurable feeling he might have gotten from that ruin.

He can’t hide his frustration when I push him back into his cage.

I stroke it slowly and edge it several times, before finally finishing with an agonizingly cruel ruin.

Of course his still hard cock immediately goes back into the cage.


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