Thorough Cock Cleaning (10 min)



I got this nice PVC dress from one of my fans and it was about time to put it to good use!

So I tie my boy up in the shower and started to tease him with my hands. I stroke his cock and pinch his nipples which really gets him going!

Turned on by his moans and his rock hard cock, I can’t help but fuck him, right there standing in the shower until he reaches the edge.

But I don’t want him to cum too quickly, so I change my tactics on him and give him a little taste of what my mouth can do to his dick.

Once he’s moaning in pleasure again, I lift my dress and allow him to fuck my pussy from behind. He’s unable to move much, and I make sure that all he gets is more frustration.

I finish him off with my hands making sure he spills his load without the least sense of relief.




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