Chastity Vlog Day 018 – The new cage (19 min)



We have got a new cage! And I couldn’t wait to try it out! And of course that is only fun if you add some playtime! 🙂

So I sit him down, unlock him, edge him, ruin his orgasm several times in a row and lock him back up.

I’m happy, he’s frustrated and safely locked away, and all that in under 20 minutes!

This cage is so practical! Easy to get on and off (with the keys anyways!), very lightweight and discreet.

We can really recommend it! And it comes in so many nice colors, some of them (like purple and pink) are perfect for sissies!

If you want to check it out go to LockedinLust and look for “The Vice”. If you end up buying one, the coupon code MARIEK will give you a 20$ discount at checkout.



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