French Maid Teases 2 (21 min)



The sexy french maid is back!

This time her costume is even more skimpy!

Watch how she dusts off the helplessly tied slaveboy, tickling his balls with her feather duster.

She shows off her perfect body to the desperate slave, sits on his face and makes him eat her delicious pussy.

When she unlocks his cock with the stolen key, the slave gets his hopes up. But all she does ist tease and edge him mercilessly with her hands and dusters.

She even slides his rock hard cock into her wet pussy and rides him for a little bit until he’s at the brink of orgasm.

Then she edges his cock a little more with her hands until he’s utterly frustrated.

Impatiently she pushes his raging hard on back into its little steel prison and clicks the lock shut.

She leaves with a last little tickle from the duster.

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