Hard Times (27 min)



My boy expressed the desire to feel more pain lately.

And I tend to fulfill his wishes, as long as they amuse me. Which obviously excludes having a full orgasm.

And I love for him to fall deeper and deeper down the habit hole of chastity and submission.

So I tie him down firmly on the bed. (The pain I want to inflict on him will surely make him twist and turn.)

I get my toys ready and sit down on his chest in an amazingly sexy outfit.

I want to warm him up slowly so I start whipping his legs, his stomach and his already erect cock.

His moans as the lashes of the whip bite into his most sensitive part tell me that im on the right track.

Next is the riding crop.

I tease his cock and balls before I slap it down hard on his thighs.

His breathing becomes very agitated in expectation of the next blow.

I make him wait. I torture him by doing nothing. I love it.

I move up a little and sit down on his face to restrict his breathing.

I use nipple clamps and cock rings. I edge him then I whip him, then I do everything at once.

His sounds oscillate between cries of pain and moans of pleasure.

When I put the pin wheel to his cock, he loses it.

It only takes a couple of strokes and he’s ready to cum.

I take the riding crop and beat the ruined orgasm out of his twitching cock.

Then I feed all his cum back to him.

I wonder if he will ask for a treatment like this again.

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