The Black Series – Episode 4



Get ready for another appearance of the mean mistress Marie!

My boy is back in strict bondage and chastity (what else?)

I kneel next to him and after checking the fullness of his balls, I remove his cock cage.

I touch him only very lightly, but he is almost immediately at the edge of orgasm.

To balance out my soft touches I use the little mean whip right on his most sensitive spot.

The pain gets him down from the edge and so a vicious little cycle begins. Soft edging and pain, soft edging and pain …

After a couple of minutes I have him really worked up, so I decide to make it even more challenging. I straddle him and sit my pretty butt right on his face. The little air he gets, he uses to moan and plead for an orgasm, but all I have for him is my mean little laugh. And more of my ass in his face.

But that’s not all I have in store for him.

I change position and kneel down on his chest. A very painful position that makes it hard to breath. But he should be used to that by now.

As pain is a turn on for him, his cock stays rock hard and I continue to edge him, pinch his nipples and whip his balls. He almost goes crazy with pleasure, pain and frustration.

What kind of a mean mistress would I be if I let him cum every time he pleads for it?

No, today it’s just back in the cage with no release. I couldn’t help but laugh at him when I click the lock shut.


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